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[P2E]: Leka Rijal (Senad)

I am super excited about playing my first Pathfinder 2e character. To that end, I have created this write-up and character concept for him.

Character Concept

Pathfinder 2eRogue (Thief)Jay Telford
Basic Concept Info

Leka Rijal (real name, Senad Dioso) is a Half-Elf Rogue who grew up in the former Chelish capital of Westcrown as the lesser but privileged son of the patriarch of House Dioso. Leka strongly disagrees with his family’s interpretation of nobility and the “divine right to rule.”

Leka’s father and stepmother raised him, as his extended family secretly assassinated his mother when he was just a baby.

He has a half-sister, Adelise, whom he was close to as a child and attempts to maintain a friendship with. Adelise is the only member of his family for whom Leka would return to Cheliax and risk his life – if she would ever ask him. Although only half-siblings, and despite their differences in opinion, Leka and Adelise formed a close bond with each other when they were both young that persists to this day.

Mechanical Concept

Level 1 character stats

Fast, agile and stealthy, Leka prefers to remain in the shadows, striking his foes with quick, precise attacks before retreating into the darkness.

When enemies prove too deadly to face directly, he will use his speed, agility, and dark vision to help his allies by using his shortbow to pepper his target with arrows from constantly changing locations to keep them off guard. He is also surprisingly intelligent, able to analyse a situation in mere moments, and thanks to his noble upbringing, he can give rousing speeches. However, he deplores doing so and instead prefers to remain hidden behind his cloak of shadows than step forth and speak.

He wears leather armour to allow him to sneak without making a sound. 

Leka is a dual wielder and uses dual shortswords. After taking the Ancestral Paragon (Unconventional Weaponry) feat at the third level, he will switch his shortswords for two Goblin weapons – and use the Dogslicer. He also uses a shortbow.

Character Feats

These are the character feats that I plan to take from the first to the sixth level. These feats might change depending on what happens during play and the party’s needs. 

Level One:

  • Ancestry Feat: Elf Atavism (Cavern Elf)
  • Class Feat: Nimble Dodge
  • Skill Feat: Terrain Stalker (underbrush)

Level Two:

  • Class Feat: Dual Weapon Warrior Dedication
  • Skill Feat: Shadow Mark

Level Three:

  • General Feat: Ancestral Paragon (Unconventional Weaponry) – Dogslicer
  • Skill Feat: Combat Climber

Level Four:

  • Class Feat: Twin Feint
  • Skill Feat: Cat Fall

Level Five:

  • Ancestry Feat: Elven Instincts
  • Skill Feat: Quiet Allies

Level Six:

  • Class Feat: Analyse Weakness
  • Skil Feat: Lengthy Diversion

Visual Concept

Leka changed his visual concept between living in Cheliax and leaving Cheliax. Once he left Cheliax, he abandoned Chelish high fashion, took on a much more armoured look, and donned a mask so nobody would know who he was. 

Personal Beliefs

Leka doesn’t like diabolism and thinks that Devils are evil beings who have corrupted the heart of his homeland (the people) and turned Cheliax from its proper path. He sees his people more like a race of romantic warrior poets, bringing art, culture and civilisation to the world, than as a race of Devil worshipping fiendish wannabees under the thumb of hell.

He also considers House Thrune to be a usurper house, who made deals with devils that allowed them to grab power from the rightful rulers of Cheliax, and in so doing, became puppets of Asmodeus – damning all of Cheliax to hell along with them, in the process. However, he is smart enough not to voice that opinion and keep it to himself; nonetheless, it is a belief he holds.

Since leaving Cheliax, he has been exposed to people who believe in other deities. He is slowly becoming interested in the worship of Desna and Shelyn. Although he has yet to call himself either a Shelynite or a Desnan, he is interested in the faith and worship of both Goddesses. He would take an opportunity to learn more about them if one presented itself.

Due to growing up as the son of a Chelish noble and being used to the way Chelish high society interacts with each other, Leka is slow to make friends, as he keeps people at arm’s length, but once someone has earned his trust, he will give that person unwavering loyalty and friendship and never abandon or betray them.


Named Senad Dioso at birth, Leka’s life began in the shadow of tragedy. His mother, a beautiful elvish slave named Fangyue, had caught the eye of his father, a human noble and patriarch of House Dioso. Despite the societal taboo against their union, they fell in love, and even though they could not officially marry, the couple developed a close and loving relationship. Fangyue became known publicly as the concubine of Lord Dioso, and from their union, Leka was born; however, their happiness would be short-lived. When Leka was just a baby, his extended family – and rival to the main branch of House Dioso, had his mother assassinated, leaving Leka to grow up without her, having only the mental pictures and stories that his father had chosen to give him.

Growing up as a half-elf in Cheliax was not easy for Leka. He was constantly reminded of his status as a half-breed and faced discrimination from many of the nobles in his father’s circle. His father, however, loved him unconditionally and did his best to shield Leka from the bigotry of Chelish society, even though they disagreed on everything – from the societal norms of Cheliax to the concept of diabolism and the belief of his father; and many other nobles in a divine, or rather a fiendish right to rule, and the general role that nobles should play within society. Leka believed that the nobility should serve the people, that everyone should have an equal chance at success, and that it was not the nobilities purpose to hoard power and wealth but to use that wealth and their position as the shepherds of society to help raise the people to greater heights. His father, however, was a staunch supporter of Chelaxian law, the philosophy of diabolism, and the right of the nobility to rule over those lesser than themselves – believing that the strong should command the weak and that the lower classes existed solely to serve their betters.

However, despite the challenges faced by Leka, his life was not all bad, for he found solace in his younger half-sister, Adelise, and despite her decision to join the Hell Knights, they remained close friends. Leka admired her strength and determination, and in turn, she respected his unique point of view and street-smart nature.

It was for his sister’s sake that Leka tried his hardest to fit in – to be the son his father wanted, a task which, in the end, was doomed to fail, and like they had done to his mother before him, his extended family attempted to assassinate him.

Fortunately, the attempt failed, and Leka survived, finally accepting at the age of twenty that he would never fit in with the noble society of Cheliax, disappearing into the shadows and taking the name Leka Rijal. As Leka, he quickly became known as one of the noblest and upstanding rogues in the city of Westcrown, using his half-elf agility, charisma and insider knowledge in an attempt to help those less fortunate; who seek only the freedom to live their lives as they see fit, free from oppression and torment.

His past, however, is never far from his mind. 

Leka constantly struggles to reconcile his identity as a half-elf with his upbringing and current place in society. This struggle has recently seen him venture beyond the borders of Cheliax as he seeks out experiences and powerful allies to assist him in his battles against the evil that has corrupted the heart of his homeland.

Whether he succeeds in the end, only time will tell.

Download This Concept

You can download a PDF version of this character concept at Leka Rijal Character Concept on OneDrive. The PDF version might be a few edits behind the digital version.



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